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MEI welcomes additional funding for Core Maths

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This week, the government announced additional funding to encourage the provision of Level 3 Core Maths qualifications and expand maths education for students up to the age of 18. The ‘Core Maths Premium’ provides an additional £900 to schools for each Level 3 Core Maths student, helping to ensure that institutions have the resources to provide extra hours of education or other extra support to deliver the qualifications.

MEI’s Chief Executive Charlie Stripp said:

“Core Maths helps young people use maths to make sense of the world. That is why the funding announced this week is such excellent news. 

Core Maths teaches students to apply maths to real-world contexts they will meet in other areas of study and in work and life – from interpreting data and statistical information on topical issues such as climate change and inflation, to understanding mathematical models and making sense of personal finance. 

All young people need these skills”.

MEI leads the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP), which provides a variety of information and support for schools and colleges wanting to teach Core Maths qualifications. The AMSP has created a dedicated page where you can learn how they can support your school or College in curriculum planning, teaching resources, subject knowledge sessions, and professional development.

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