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Deeper Maths Update

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We’re excited to announce the addition of a new unit to our Deeper Maths suite of resources.

‘Angles Unit 3 – Angles from three line segments’ is now available to download. This unit explores the ways that three line segments can intersect and draws attention to the particular relationships between angles when two of the lines are parallel.

Each unit costs only £8 and all files are immediately available for download on payment. There are currently four angles units available, as well as three trigonometry units. In addition to these, two over-arching documents are available free—the Angles Topic document and the Trigonometry Topic document.

MEI Deeper Maths is our new suite of materials, designed to support excellent practice in the teaching of secondary maths to all students regardless of prior attainment. If you’re early in your career as a maths teacher, or a specialist teacher of another subject, you’ll find the materials particularly useful for supporting the development of your pedagogical practice. If you’re already an experienced teacher of maths, the materials will introduce you to fresh ideas to enhance your teaching and provide practical resources to support these approaches.

The materials are designed to develop deep learning for all students, with the use of physical manipulatives, dynamic images and carefully constructed student study packs. A deliberate design and pace ensure students build on their experiences at KS2 and develop a secure basis for further study as their learning progresses.

For more information, please email the Deeper Maths development team.

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