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Episode 4 – Curiosity in the classroom with Alison Clark-Wilson

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Hello and welcome to Digging for the why – the podcast for maths teachers of Years 5-8 looking at continuity and why we need to dig for the why in our lessons.

In this episode, Alison and Andy are joined by a special guest, Alison Clark-Wilson (@AliClarkWilson). Together they discuss the following:

  • Andy learns the meaning of enigmatic!
  • Why is curiosity important?
  • Do we encourage students to ask why?
  • Can we build the right atmosphere in our classrooms?
  • Creating a learning plate to have diverse lessons.
  • Calculators as an investigative tool.
  • A wall of unanswered questions – give value to student questions that are outside the curriculum.
  • Are we giving space for curiosity?

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Graphing software – Autograph/Desmos/GeoGebra 

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