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Episode 5 – Why can students appear switched off from maths already in Year 7?

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Hello and welcome to Digging for the why – the podcast for maths teachers of Years 5-8 looking at continuity and why we need to dig for the why in our lessons.

In this episode, Alison and Andy discuss the following:

  • Andy apologises for a lack of knowledge of adjectives
  • Do we take into account the difference in how children conceptualise maths to teachers?
  • Clarity in the classroom – is there a difference between what the teacher thinks the lesson was vs what the student thinks the lesson was
  • Move from planning what we want students to have ‘done’ in the lesson to how we want the students to have ‘thought’ in the lesson
  • Give value to the students’ years in maths to date
  • Do we empathise enough about the transition into Y7 for our students?
  • A consistent school culture can lead to consistency in classrooms and have a positive impact on teaching and learning
  • Do secondary school teachers give enough credit to what students have learnt in primary schools? Spoiler alert: NO!

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