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Try our Exploring Data with Technology resources for Key Stage 3/4 

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Would you like to participate in our trial to test some new resources? 

We have developed a new set of resources aimed at students in Key Stage 3 or 4: Exploring Data with Technology. This resource collection has activities designed to give students an experience of exploring real data sets using a statistics program. All the activities use CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform): a web-based data science tool is designed for school students. 

There are three activities that can be used in lessons or as extra-curricular tasks for students:  

  1. Classifying penguins. 
  2. Understanding life expectancy.  
  3. Exploring weather data. 


Each activity is designed to take approximately 2 hours. Each lesson has:  

  • A presentation 
  • Teacher notes 
  • CODAP files for the initial data set and worked examples.  

We would like to hear from teachers who are interested in using the pilot materials with their students and would be willing to give us feedback so we can improve them. Please click the link below and complete the form to receive a link to the pilot materials.  

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