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Free teaching and learning support from the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme

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The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) has developed six free support packages to help you support your students with the study of maths across the 2021-22 academic year, particularly following the disruption they’ve experienced over the last 18 months.

The packages provide support for KS4 through to the transition to university, and include both resources for teachers and resources for students to use independently and in the classroom.

The six packages are:

  1. Motivating students at Key Stage 4 – A selection of activities and resources for you to use with your classes to motivate and enrich their learning in maths.
  2. Supporting students’ transition to level 3 study – Resources to support students through the transition to level 3 study and help teachers to promote the continued study of maths.
  3. Supporting students’ transition to degree study – Online resources for Year 13 students to consolidate key A level topics and support their transition to degree study in maths or a related subject.
  4. Supporting students studying Core Maths – Online learning resources to support the teaching of Core Maths and extensive opportunities for professional development.
  5. Supporting students studying AS/A level Mathematics – Resources to help with planning and teaching A level Mathematics lessons, and opportunities for immediate and longer-term professional development.
  6. Supporting students studying AS/A level Further Mathematics – Resources, both for classroom use and to support independent learning; online tuition support; and extensive opportunities for professional development.

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