General Information

Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), is a registered charity (No 1058911). It is managed by a board of directors and staff. MEI is governed under a set of rules known as its Memorandum and Articles of Association that also lists MEI's charitable purposes. Since the 1960s, we have worked to support mathematics teaching and learning.

We offer teachers of all GCSE, Core Maths and A level specifications a range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses, provide specialist tuition for students and work with industry to enhance mathematical skills in the workplace. MEI manages the government-funded Advanced Mathematics Support Programme , providing advice and support for teachers of GCSE, AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics in schools and colleges throughout England. We also pioneer the development of innovative teaching and learning resources, including extensive online materials to support all major examination syllabuses.

MEI's popular A level specification and Core Maths qualifications are administered by OCR, with MEI taking responsibility for the curriculum, and providing A level course textbooks published by Hodder Education as well as Core Maths online resources sponsored by OCR.

There is a close alignment between MEI’s values and the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019. Engendering high-quality mathematics curricula that develop sound understanding is central to MEI’s work, which encompasses the AMSP and the NCETM. Our professional development enriches teachers’ subject knowledge and pedagogy, and we support teaching and learning with resources carefully designed to embed understanding and increase fluency.

MEI’s work actively supports schools and colleges to address the ‘Quality of Education’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ sections of the EIF with respect to mathematics education.

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