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Integral subscription offers

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We’re excited to be providing two subscription offers for our Integral A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics resources.

This means that you can either:

  • save up to 50% on current year subscription prices, which offers access until September 2021,
  • or save up to 20%* if you purchase an extended subscription to run from now until September 2022. This will provide your students with over 18 months of access to Integral, allowing current Year 12 students to use the resources for the rest of their two-year course.

*compared to the cost of purchasing two successive current-year subscriptions over the same period.

Student accountsDiscounted price for current year subscription (expires September 2021)Offer price for a subscription from now until September 2022
10£285 £145£345
20£305 £155£370
35£335 £170£405
50£365 £185£440
75£450 £225£540
100£515 £260£620
125£565 £285£680
150£605 £305£725
175£640 £320£770
200£665 £335£800

You can subscribe to Integral by completing the online subscription form.

If you have any questions regarding the Integral subscriptions, please contact the Integral team.

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