Resources for Level 3 Core Maths

Core Maths is designed for students who have a standard pass or better in GCSE Mathematics and who would benefit from continuing with some mathematics but who do not need or want to do A level Mathematics.  It will be particularly useful for students studying subjects such as geography, business, chemistry, biology and sociology.

There are two OCR (MEI) Core Maths qualifications. Each of them includes the Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (IQR) component which covers maths skills which will support the mathematics which students need for other subjects.  The Quantitative Reasoning qualification adds Critical Maths to produce a course that will encourage learners to ask  “what does that mean?” and “does that sound about right?” whenever they encounter a quantitative situation or statement.  The Quantitative Problem Solving qualification adds a statistical problem solving component to IQR to produce a course which enables students to use a wider range of statistical techniques to solve the kinds of problems which they are likely to encounter in further study, work or life.

Full teaching resources for these qualifications are available free to centres, thanks to sponsorship from OCR.

Accessing the full resources for Level 3 Core Maths

Thanks to sponsorship from OCR, subscription is free to centres.

The subscription includes accounts for teachers, giving access to all the resources, and individual access for students. Individual access means students can access the resources from any computer, use the on-line tests and build up their own test record; tutors can access these and provide feedback.

If you would like to subscribe, please complete the online subscription form.  This subscription is free of charge and will run until September 2019. It can be renewed free of charge in the following years

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