Maths Week England

We’re delighted to be supporting Maths Week England 2020, which runs from 9-14 November.

We’ll be providing several new resources, activities and competitions to engage students from KS2 to KS5, all linked to this great initiative. Some will be produced by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), which we manage, but you’ll be able to access all of them from here.

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Where maths meets...art

We’re pleased to be running the Desmos Art Competition, which we ran for Maths Week England 2019, with Desmos once again providing fantastic prizes! This year we’re asking for art with a theme: the environment. We’re planning to open the competition earlier this year, and to close it at the end of Maths Week England.

Where maths meets… the world of work

We’re working on an exciting set of videos, which will showcase the maths in different careers. Each video will be paired with a resource for the classroom or for use online, so your students can get a real taste of what the job may entail. We’re delighted to be launching the first of these videos to coincide with Maths Week England. There will be different versions of the activities so that this resource can be used with students all the way from KS2 to KS5.

Did somebody say... maths will help you get a job?

In the video you will get to meet Brooklyn and find out how not only her maths skills but how her hobbies when she was younger helped her get a job as a data analyst at Just Eat! In the activity you will have a go at being a data analyst yourself. You will get to work with a data set and then advise your marketing department on the strategy they should take for their next advert. Have fun!

For teachers - the video and accompanying resource has been designed so that it could be completed in one hour but there are plenty of opportunities to extend it further or for students to continue for homework. We are also providing printable versions of materials so there is no requirement for students to have individual access to technology.

Where maths meets... strategy

Join us for an exciting show on the first day of Maths Week England - with prizes! We’ve developed two AMSP online enrichment events, which will be repeated through the autumn term at different times of the week to coincide with your lesson times. Both events use strategies in games to develop reasoning, problem solving and communication skills that are essential for GCSE. 'How much is too much?'’ is based on probability and 'Race to the target!' focuses on number patterns.

Where maths meets… no limits

We already have comprehensive AMSP resources linked to different curriculum areas to enhance your teaching and support you in engaging your students. To celebrate Maths week England, we’ve added resources to deepen your student’s understanding in:

  • Reasoning
  • Algebraic fractions
  • Equations
  • Graph Transformation
  • Loci
  • Approximations
  • Shape
  • Data representation

Where maths meets… as a club

Are you running a lunchtime club during Maths Week England? Take a look at our excellent Maths Club Activities for some ideas!

We have some new releases for Maths Week England:

  • Where maths meets… games – an exploration of a famous maths game
  • Where maths meets… magic - an amazing mind reading trick
  • Where maths meets… art - exploring circles and geometry to create wonderful patterns
  • Where maths meets… construction - building huge towers out of A4 paper
  • Where maths meets… the Romans - how maths can give you a useful strategy when fighting the Roman Empire (though we don’t know if this is handy…)

Where maths meets... games

Our family of Sumaze! apps has proved very useful in engaging students with maths, especially those who are home learning. We've therefore decided to make all four of them FREE from 9 November - ready to use during Maths Week England and beyond!