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NCETM update

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The NCETM has two significant programmes running in 2021/22 that are designed to embed strong foundations for maths learning long-term, as well as responding to the immediate needs of schools teaching pupils after two years of disrupted schooling. These are secondary ‘Checkpoints’, and primary ‘Mastering Number’.

The Primary Curriculum Prioritisation resource (covering Years 1-6) is also designed for long-term planning, with an eye on the short-term need to identify gaps in learning from the pandemic.

‘Checkpoints’ is designed to support the transition in maths from primary to secondary school, by providing Year 7 teachers with classroom activities based on and building on, the primary curriculum. The 10-minute activities are designed to encourage discussion and exploration and to draw out students’ understanding, allowing teachers to diagnostically assess and identify any gaps.  Over 600 schools have already downloaded the first sets of activities: ‘Place Value’ and ‘Properties of Number’.

The activities are supported by a series of online seminars that Year 7 teachers can join to understand more about the primary curriculum, how the tasks are designed and how they can use them most effectively.

Primary-secondary transition is being further supported by augmentation of the well-established Maths Hub national project ‘Years 5-8 Continuity’ allowing more schools to get involved with Work Groups locally.

‘Mastering Number’ is a programme for teachers of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, aimed at embedding number sense and fluency in young children. This is done using strong representations and an emphasis on moving away from ‘counting in ones’, through short, whole-class sessions. Over 4000 schools are signed up to the programme of professional development for infant teachers, supported by materials and practical equipment for the classroom.

The Primary Curriculum Prioritisation resource maps out the full Years 1-6 maths curriculum, prioritising key mathematical ideas identified as ‘ready-to-progress’ criteria in the DfE 2020 primary maths guidance. Each unit is also carefully linked to the NCETM Mastery Professional Development materials providing classroom slides and pedagogy. Autumn units for this resource have been enthusiastically received and work is continuing on spring and summer units.

Maths Hubs

The Maths Hubs professional development programme for 2021/22 is now underway. A useful summary can be found on pages 2 and 3 of a recent edition of Bespoke for printing and putting on noticeboards, but full details of each project are at What Maths Hubs are doing. Your Maths Hub (find it here) will have local dates and details on how to apply.

This year, there are 30 projects, spanning Early Years to post-16, as well as programmes for teachers leading professional development. New programmes have been introduced: for secondary heads of department, those that lead maths in MATs, Early Career Teachers and non-specialist teachers of maths.

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