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NCETM update December 2021

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In September the DfE published non-statutory guidance for KS3 maths, written by the NCETM Secondary Team and closely linked to the NCETM Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials. A two-minute video gives a quick introductory tour.

This publication has coincided with a big expansion of secondary materials on the NCETM website, augmenting and complementing the Professional Development Materials. Now each core concept in the materials (for example Understanding multiplicative relationships) has its own webpage with supporting materials. There are also new PowerPoint downloads for key ideas in the KS3 curriculum, with images and ideas from the materials reproduced for use in the classroom with students, or for professional development with teachers.

Two new slide decks of Checkpoints activities for use in the Year 7 classroom have recently been added (Perimeter and area, and Plotting coordinates) and this work continues throughout the year, with accompanying professional development seminars.

A set of secondary subject knowledge audits has also been recently published, useful for practising teachers, trainees and ITE providers. The audits not only self-assess knowledge but signpost resources for helping to fill any knowledge gaps.

Maths Hubs CPD Work Groups have started for 2021/22, with many teachers excited to be working face-to-face across schools again. The new skills gained in online professional development have not been abandoned, as there’s also a recognition that online sessions can help with accessibility in terms of travel, time and necessary cover. Most Maths Hubs’ CPD this year uses both online and face-to-face sessions. Some hubs are still recruiting for some Work Groups – find your hub  to see what they still have on offer. Or read Eight reasons to join a Maths Hubs secondary CPD project for more information.

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