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NCETM update – March 2022

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At this time of year, the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) is busy with coordinating big national programmes such as Mastering Number, the Mastery Specialists programmes (Primary and Secondary) and the Professional Development Lead programmes, as well as supporting Maths Hubs in delivering local Work Groups to thousands of teachers across the country. Some of the smaller, more developmental Maths Hubs projects are explained in this feature: Research and innovation in the Maths Hubs Network

Support for the wider population of those teaching maths across the country is freely available through the NCETM website, in the form of classroom materials, professional development, resources for primary maths leads and secondary HoDs, as well as news, features and podcasts. This two and a half minute video summarises the key resources published this academic year.


Primary focused:

  • Learning fractions shouldn’t be difficult – a recent and very popular primary article takes the topic of fractions and traces its development through the Curriculum Prioritisation resource, new this year, demonstrating how the resource might be used in the classroom. Secondary teachers might be interested to see how fractions learning develops through primary school to help address any gaps in understanding with their students.

The NCETM podcast continues, with recent episodes including:

More recent news