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NCETM update September 2022 

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Every year, the 40 Maths Hubs across England (co-ordinated by the NCETM) offer a wide-ranging programme of school and professional development opportunities to schools, colleges trusts, departments and teachers. The 2022/23 programme covers all school and college phases, from Early Years to post-16. 

You can browse and filter what’s on offer across the Maths Hubs network by visiting What Maths Hubs are doing or find out what’s available locally from your Maths Hub. There’s also a downloadable catalogue for printing and display purposes. Our many opportunities are outlined below – follow links to specific projects.  

You can also catch the NCETM’s most recent publications at NCETM News and Features, including  

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Maths Hubs Programme of professional development 2022/23 

Opportunities for secondary schools and teachers 

All secondary opportunities are underpinned by the principles of teaching for mastery. The Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme involves three consecutive stages: Development, Embedding Year Support, and Embedding and Sustaining.  

Years 5-8 Continuity is designed to strengthen the transition from primary to secondary school, focusing on curriculum and pedagogical continuity, while Years 7-11 Coherence explores approaches to key topics in KS3 and at GCSE; Mathematical Thinking for GCSE is for teachers of KS4 who want to further understand mathematical thinking, and devise related practical classroom strategies. 

Also, for those in leadership positions, there are two additional programmes - Secondary Subject Leadership and Secondary Maths MAT Leads

Opportunities for post-16 institutions and teachers 

Two post-16 opportunities focus on Core Maths: New to Teaching Core Maths offers support to those who are new to teaching this qualification, while Developing Core Maths Pedagogy will help to develop improved teaching approaches for Core Maths. A third project, Developing A Level Pedagogy, is similar to the second Core Maths project, but for those teaching A level. Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit | NCETM focuses on pedagogy and approaches particularly applicable to teaching GCSE to students re-sitting.  

Opportunities for Early Years and primary schools and teachers 

All primary opportunities are rooted in the principles of teaching for mastery. Mastering Number is designed to support pupils in Reception and KS1 to develop good number sense through building firm mathematical foundations. The main Teaching for Mastery Programme in primary is split into four progressive stages: Mastery Readiness prepares schools with specific challenges to introduce teaching for mastery, followed by the Development, Embedding and Sustaining stages. Years 5-8 Continuity is designed to strengthen the transition from primary to secondary school, focusing on curriculum and pedagogical continuity. 

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics programmes 

There’s a number of programmes for those wanting to improve their maths subject knowledge and pedagogy: Early Years Teachers, Primary Teachers, Primary Teaching Assistants, Secondary Non-specialist Teachers, as well as Early Career Teachers – Primary and Secondary

Working with ITT providers 

Strengthening Partnerships with ITT Providers aims to form an established group of ITT representatives (directly involved in ITT with a responsibility for maths) across the sector who are committed to developing communities of practice in order to review and evolve their provision. 

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