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New funding announced for 16-19 maths education in government policy paper

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The government’s proposals, published yesterday, to introduce the Advanced British Standard – a new qualification framework for post-16 education – included an announcement of new funding for 16-19 maths. Over £600 million will be invested over the next two years to improve the recruitment and retention of teachers of key shortage subjects, support students who do not pass maths and English at 16, and improve the quality of maths teaching and evidence base for closing 16-19 attainment gaps. 

Among the measures announced, the government will: 

invest c.£60 million over two years to improve maths education, including through: expanding teaching for mastery approaches across the country, using our Maths Hubs; and increasing access to Core Maths through provider incentives and an expanded digital tuition platform.

MEI welcomes the proposal for a broader post-16 curriculum, which recognises the importance of studying maths, so that young people have the vital knowledge and skills they need for their futures. We are pleased that these proposals include substantial investment in teachers, who are essential to successful implementation.

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