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Summary of Core Maths entries and results August 2023 (UK)

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MEI has produced this summary of all entries and results for Core Maths qualifications since 2016 when the examinations were first taken. 

As illustrated in the table below, the total number of Core Maths entries has increased each year, rising from 2931 in 2016 to 12,367 in the most recent entry figures from 2023.

YearTotal number of entries
2016 2931
2017 5376
2019 9027
2020 11,792
2021 12,116
2022 12,311
2023 12,367

The chart below shows the yearly rise in Core Maths entries from 2016-2023. 

The table and graph below both illustrate the rise in the proportion of Core Maths entries who were by female students, increasing from 33.90% in 2016 to 47.91% in 2023.

Year% Female% Male 
2016 33.90 66.10

Results statistics 


  1. These results have been compiled from exam board results, as published on results day in August, and do not take account of any future amendments to results due to appeals etc.  
  1. The numbers have been calculated from rounded percentages published by the exam boards; these have then been used to calculate percentages at each grade. There are likely to be some rounding errors so the final digit in each number may not be accurate. 

June 2023

Total entries: 12,367

Number attaining this grade22552686232618911364184512,367
Percentage attaining this grade18.2321.7218.8115.2911.0314.92100
Cumulative percentage18.2339.9558.7674.0585.08100.00


  1. For June 2023 results, grading standards returned to those in 2019. 

June 2022 

Total entries: 12,311

Number attaining this grade33882652231417161190105212,312
Percentage attaining this grade27.5221.5418.7913.949.678.54100
Cumulative percentage27.5249.0667.8581.7991.46100.00


  1. The total of 12,312 in the table shows that there is a rounding error in at least one of the figures.
  2. June 2022 results were the first post-Covid exam results and grade boundaries were set so that standards were between 2021 and 2019.

June 2021

Total entries: 12,116

Number attaining this grade391229112360151499042912,116
Percentage attaining this grade32.2924.0319.4812.508.173.54100
Cumulative percentage32.2956.3175.7988.2996.46100.00


  1. June 2021 grades were awarded without examinations taking place, due to the Covid‑19 lockdown

June 2020

Total entries: 11,792

Number attaining this grade2978284828601713107132111,791
Percentage attaining this grade25.2624.1524.2614.539.082.72100
Cumulative percentage25.2649.4173.6788.1997.28100.00


  1. June 2020 grades were awarded without examinations taking place, due to the Covid‑19 lockdown
  2. The figures shown are the final results data at the end of August, as amended following the decision to award the higher of the centre assessed grade and the calculated grade.
  3. The total of 11, 791 in the table shows that there is a rounding error in at least one of the figures.

June 2019

Total entries: 9027

Number attaining this grade1503170118241548111113409027
Percentage attaining this grade16.6518.8420.2117.1512.3114.84100
Cumulative percentage16.6535.4955.7072.8585.16100.00

June 2018

Total entries: 6849

Number attaining this grade104112551362122288510846849
Percentage attaining this grade15.2018.3219.8917.8412.9215.83100
Cumulative percentage15.2033.5253.4171.2584.17100.00

June 2017

Total entries: 5376

Number attaining this grade656890115010087898835376
Percentage attaining this grade12.2016.5621.3918.7514.6816.42100
Cumulative percentage12.2028.7650.1568.9083.58100.00

June 2016

Total entries: 2931

Number attaining this grade3074616135624595282930
Percentage attaining this grade10.4815.7320.9219.1815.6718.02100
Cumulative percentage10.4826.2147.1366.3181.98100.00


  1. The total of 2930 in the table shows that there is a rounding error in at least one of the figures

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