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Support for offering Further Pure with Technology

Further Pure with Technology (FPT) is an exciting and innovative option for students, within the OCR B (MEI) A level Further Mathematics specification. It requires students to have access to technology for its teaching, learning and assessment.

FPT extends students’ knowledge of pure maths through using technology to perform mathematical processes quickly and accurately. It can be studied alongside, or after, the Core Pure content.

The OCR B(MEI) specification allows students to take additional options, with the best scores contributing to their grade, so you could offer FPT as a useful additional option, without having to commit to it counting towards your students’ overall marks.

Curriculum details

Full details of the unit content and assumed knowledge are provided in the OCR(MEI) A level Further Mathematics specification.

Explore our free resources

We offer helpful, extensive free resources to support the teaching and learning of FPT, including:

  • Suggested Scheme of Work
  • Student videos, available on YouTube and within our Integral online learning environment
  • Support for using the different types of approved software
  • Specific advice on using Python to calculate if an integer is prime
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Past papers
  • Articles and blogs about FPT

Software requirements

Students will need access to a computer and/or a calculator with suitable software, which should include a computer algebra system, a graph plotter, and a spreadsheet.

Access to technology during the exam

FPT is assessed by a timed written paper, for which each student will need access to a computer with suitable software installed and no communication ability. The software and programming language(s) used in the exam must be from the approved list detailed in the specification. A graphical calculator is allowed in the exam.

Further support

Please get in touch if you have any questions about how we can support your teaching of Further Pure with Technology as a subject.