Teaching GCSE Mathematics (TGM) – Online

TGM is MEI’s live online course for those new to teaching GCSE Mathematics in secondary or further education, or a range of sectors where GCSE teaching takes place. In 2021, we will be offering TGM as a live online course. MEI is able to support your progression to being a confident GCSE Mathematics teacher.

Course structure

The course requires active participation at ten online study sessions, which are focused on both subject knowledge and pedagogy:

  • Sessions run from September to December 2021.
  • Subject areas typically covered include number, proportional reasoning, geometry, algebra, statistics, and probability.
  • Delegates will be expected to join via an internet-connected computer or tablet. A Zoom account will be required to access the sessions.

The course is also underpinned by specific pedagogic themes:

  • Building confidence.
  • Deepening understanding.
  • Diagnostic teaching (including digital technologies).

Further benefits

Participants will also have two years access to self-paced learning modules covering all the main foundation topics, with a focus on strengthening subject knowledge:

Number and measures; fractions, decimals and percentages; proportional reasoning; continuing number; algebra (manipulation, graphs, sequences, equations & inequalities); direct and inverse proportion; angles and shapes; area, perimeter, and volume; transformations and vectors; bearings; constructions and loci; circles, Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry; probability and statistics.

These self-paced learning modules can be accessed in their entirety, or personalised to suit the needs of course delegates.


TGM supports participants to:

  • gain confidence and competence with the subject content of GCSE Mathematics foundation tier, and progress into higher tier
  • learn more about the principles of effective pedagogy in maths teaching
  • apply these principles in the classroom with practical strategies and resources
  • and reflect upon creating effective and engaging environments for learning maths.

Benefits from this sustained professional development

  • Gain the benefits of live online learning.
  • Engage in collaborative deep learning.
  • Access the extensive collection of online teaching and classroom resources to support your learning on the course.
  • Demonstrate that you have engaged in recent and significant professional development – after attending all ten online sessions and completing the self-paced online learning, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

MEI is committed to providing the highest quality of professional development, and you can benefit from our not-for-profit pricing. You can be assured of the high quality of our courses as MEI holds the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) CPD standard. All course tutors are accredited NCETM professional development leads.

Is this course for me?

TGM is designed for teachers who wish to develop both their subject knowledge and classroom practice in maths at GCSE level. You may be:

  • A specialist in another subject or vocational area but teaching maths for the first time.
  • A newly, or recently, qualified maths teacher looking to continue your professional development.
  • A maths teacher returning to the classroom.
  • An experienced teacher of KS3 or post-16 Functional Mathematics who wishes to up-skill and learn more about GCSE Mathematics.
  • Wanting to develop your own subject knowledge to enable you to confidently and competently teach higher tier GCSE Mathematics.
  • Already teaching GCSE Mathematics in KS4 or GCSE resit in post-16 and looking to enhance your teaching.

Course details and application process

Registration for our September 2021 cohort is now open. At present we will be offering the sessions on Tuesday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm, but further alternative days and times may be added in due course.

The total cost of the ten live online sessions and the self-paced learning modules is £150.


Session 1 14 September 2021
Session 2 21 September 2021
Session 3 28 September 2021
Session 4 12 October 2021
Session 5 19 October 2021
Session 6 9 November 2021
Session 7 16 November 2021
Session 8 30 November 2021
Session 9 7 December 2021
Session 10 14 December 2021

If you would be interested in hosting TGM online for your college, school or network please contact the course leader, Martin Newton, using the details below.

More information

If you would like further information, please contact the course leader [email protected] or telephone: 07411576951.

Alternatively, please contact the CPD administration team:

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