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The Further Education (FE) Maths challenge

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The opportunity to participate in our exciting ‘Further Education Maths Challenge’ is now open to schools, colleges, and training providers that have students working towards gaining a Functional Skills maths qualification or improving their GCSE Mathematics grade.

Participating establishments facilitate the competition for their students, using the questions, materials and training that we provide.

The challenge kicks off in November 2021 with some introductory training for students. The first round will then run in December, followed by a college final in February. A cross-college final will then take place in March 2022, and is expected to be held at a large venue, such as a football ground.

There are two ways your establishment can get involved. You can either lead the FE Maths Challenge in your city, region or network, or you can link up with another establishment that’s leading the FE Maths Challenge in your region.

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