KS2-3 Transition

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MEI's Calculator Crunch… it’s fun and it’s free!

Calculator Crunch is an annual event that takes place over 9 days each summer. Every morning an exciting challenge is released on our twitter and webpage, alongside a set of home learning resources.

Our Calculator Crunch is a fun way to continue to engage Year 6s with maths whilst also developing their confidence with calculators, ready for maths at secondary school. The activities in the challenge provide extra practice for Year 6s and 7s in key areas of the maths curriculum.

Parents and carers can use the challenge activities with their children at home, and teachers can incorporate them into work they are setting for pupils either in school or remotely.

If you have any questions about the Calculator Crunch, please contact Alison Hopper.

There’s also a template you can use to create certificatesfor students who take part:

The 2020 Calculator Crunch

A PowerPoint containing the full set of 2020 Calculator Crunch questions is available here.

The 2019 Calculator Crunch

Our 2019 Calculator Crunch was supported with two free lesson plans – one for use with Year 6 students, and another for use with current Year 7 students and/or with Year 6 students as a secondary-led transition activity.

You can download the lesson plans and accompanying PowerPoints below: