KS2-3 Transition

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MEI's Calculator Crunch… it’s fun and it’s free!

MEI's fun and free summer challenge is back for 2020!

Our Calculator Crunch is a fun way to get Year 6s 'calculator-ready' for the secondary curriculum and provide extra practice for Year 7s.

Across nine school days, from 15-25 June, we will post engaging calculator questions for students to work on. They all involved using a calculator (basic or scientific) to solve an interesting problem. The problems are designed to develop mathematical thinking skills.

If you want to get a feel for what's coming, try out the 2019 Calculator Crunch questions, which are available below.

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If you have any questions about the Calculator Crunch, please contact Alison Hopper.

Extra, extra!

We're planning extra materials to support the Challenge. Watch this space!

The 2019 Calculator Crunch

Questions from our 2019 Calculator Crunch are available below. They were supported with two free lesson plans – one for use with Year 6 students, and another for use with current Year 7 students and/or with Year 6 students as a secondary-led transition activity.

You can download the lesson plans and accompanying PowerPoints below:

There’s also a template you can use to create certificates for students who take part:

Question 1

Calculator Crunch Question 1

Question 2

Calculator Crunch Question 2

Question 3

Calculator Crunch Question 3

Question 4

Calculator Crunch Question 4

Question 5

Calculator Crunch Question 5

Question 6

Calculator Crunch Question 6

Question 7

Calculator Crunch Question 7

Question 8

Calculator Crunch Question 8

Question 9

Calculator Crunch Question 9