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A level results day 2022 

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Everyone at MEI would like to congratulate students who have achieved qualifications in Core Maths or AS/A level Mathematics/ Further Mathematics this year. We’d also like to thank their teachers, who have carefully guided and supported students to study for these qualifications over such a challenging period.   

As a nation, it’s vital for us to ensure that our young people are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future in an increasingly scientific, technical, and data-driven world. That’s why we want all young people to feel secure and confident to use and understand maths as they begin adult life, which means we need more of them to choose to study maths post-16. 

This cohort of students experienced considerable disruption to their education due to the Covid pandemic. It’s therefore not surprising that the number of UK students taking mathematics A levels have dropped a little this year, with A level Mathematics down from 97,690 to 95,635 and Further Mathematics down from 15,748 to 15,146. Given the challenges of the pandemic, it’s especially encouraging that Core Maths numbers have held up, rising a little from 12,116 to 12,311. We hope that as we return to normal, we will see a rise in these figures over the coming years, continuing the long-term trend of increased numbers of students choosing to study Core Maths, A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics. 

Charlie Stripp, MEI Chief Executive and Director of the NCETM, commented:  

“Well done to the Core Maths, AS and A level Mathematics, and AS and A level Further Mathematics students (and their teachers!) on their achievements this year.   

The pandemic meant that this cohort of students and their teachers have faced severe adversity, both inside and outside the classroom. This makes their achievements even more impressive. 

Through achieving these qualifications, students have really boosted their prospects in higher education and employment. The ability to use and understand maths and data has never been more important, so these maths qualifications are highly valued by employers and universities, giving young people who have them a real advantage.” 

We have published a summary of this year’s Core Maths and AS/A level Mathematics and AS/A level Further Mathematics results on our website.

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