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Teacher guidance

Introduction to Data Science

The MEI Introduction to Data Science short course materials can be accessed on Kaggle. This allows access to interactive web-based coding activities that can be edited and saved.

To use Kaggle students will need to create their own account by registering at:

Guidance for all students

  • All students should read the Kaggle terms and privacy statements.
  • Students should not make any of their notebooks Public. They should only share Private notebooks with other users that they know.
  • Our advice is for students under the age of 18 not to post or reply to any discussions or forums on Kaggle.
  • Should students wish to engage in the discussions or forums they should not divulge any information of a personal nature.

Guidance for students under the age of 16

  • Students under the age of 16 will need consent from a parent or guardian to use Kaggle. This will require the parent or guardian to create an account and then set-up the student’s account via:

Notebooks for schools/colleges that don’t want to use Kaggle

Schools/colleges don’t want to use Kaggle can downlaod the notebooks and data files for the course in the section below.

Keeping safe online

Further information about keeping safe online can be found at:

Download printable activity

Schools/colleges that have the facility to host Jupyter notebooks can download a zip file with the notebooks and data files for the course. Instructions are included in the README.txt file.

Notebooks and data files (zip)


These webinar recordings offer a closer look at the Introduction to Data Science course.

This webinar explores the course and describes some of the ways that you can use it with your students.

This webinar offers s more detailed look at the ideas in the course and how they’re developed.

This webinars provides guidance about how to use Kaggle and support with the Python code used throughout the course.

Further support

Please get in touch if you have any questions.