Resit GCSE

Strategies for teaching resit GCSE Mathematics

MEI provides bespoke support for departments supporting learners who are working towards re-sitting GCSE Mathematics on one or two year courses.

We will work alongside you to create a package of support tailored to the specific needs of your students, tutors and leadership. This could include identifying the key topics essential for improved student success at Foundation tier, exploring teaching approaches that can improve understanding and recall in areas where learners have previously struggled and learning about how other colleges are addressing the challenge posed by post-16 GCSE Mathematics.

Elements of our support include

  • Workshops focusing on developing tutors’ own subject knowledge and exploring new teaching approaches for key topics; these are available as full or half day sessions.
  • Structured interim tasks between workshops to embed change.
  • Team teaching in lessons to introduce different approaches.
  • Consulting with course leaders to review structures such as schemes of work and diagnostic assessment.
  • Access to an electronic copy of resources you have looked at to use within your classroom.


  • To help participants tailor the resit course so that students have a positive experience about mathematics which as well as helping to pass the examination will give them important lifelong skills.
  • To introduce and develop successful teaching approaches for participants to use with post-16 students resitting GCSE Mathematics.
  • To support participants by modelling successful and engaging teaching, including introducing meaningful context to promote learning and engagement.
  • To support staff with limited contact time in successfully using these strategies.

Is this course for us?

The offer is aimed at teams of specialists and non-specialists delivering GCSE Mathematics to post-16 students. We will tailor the course to meet the needs of:
In addition, we expect the course will be of interest to you if you are:

  • Specialist maths teachers looking for new approaches specifically for the post-16 GCSE student
  • Specialists in subjects other than maths who need support in teaching GSCE Mathematics.
  • Experienced functional skills or vocational tutors who have been asked to teach GCSE Mathematics for the first time.


Tutors of post-16 GCSE students who have attended previous professional development say that the most useful aspects include:

  • Many ideas for me to use in my lessons especially contextualised learning.
  • Some great resources to take away and use.
  • Every aspect was useful, especially the exam revision session

  • Other Comments

  • Very good. Great to have the space and time to discuss lessons and activities.
  • Thank you very much for putting together such a great course!
  • Assured high quality CPD at affordable, not for profit pricing. MEI holds the Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) CPD standard.

    NCETM CPD Standard

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