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Daily puzzles for Maths Week England

We are very excited that MEI has recently established a Young Person’s Consultative Panel (YPCP). The role of the YPCP is to provide insights, suggestions and guidance to MEI on specific issues relating to the student experience of maths education and provide MEI with ideas for how we, as an organisation, can address these key issues.

To celebrate Maths Week England, one of our Young Person’s Consultative Panel (YPCP), Anna, has chosen some of her favourite puzzles for you to try. 

At 16:00 each day, we’ll be revealing a new puzzle ready for use in classrooms the next day, along with the reason why Anna chose it.  Don’t worry – the solutions are included along with some extra information in the notes below the slides as well as links to places of further interest if you want to do some more puzzling!

Today’s puzzle

Monty Hall

Ability range: Key Stage 3-5

Anna says:
“I like this problem because it shows how counter-intuitive statistical thinking can be”

Previous problems

Lorry Loading

Ability range: Key Stage 2-5

Anna says:
“I like algorithms! Computers like algorithms, but algorithms are used by a lot more than just computers!”

Cut the cake

Ability range: Key Stage 1-5

Anna says:
“Everybody loves cake!”

St Ives

Ability range: Key Stage 2-5

Anna says:
“This is just a fun nursery rhyme/riddle with a bit of logical thinking and counting.”

Who’s who?

Ability range: Key Stage 2-5

Anna says:
“I think logic is one of the most interesting bits of maths and its often overlooked!”

Maths Week England

Maths Week England 2022 takes place 14–18 November and aims to share the joy of maths with everyone

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